What You Need to Know About Highlights

Are you looking to elevate your natural hair colour? Highlights are the perfect choice. They can add a vibrant touch; whether you’re aiming for a subtle sun-kissed look or a bold, dramatic flair, highlights are the answer. In this blog post, we explore the various aspects of this trendy colouring technique, from the options available to the questions you should ask your colourist, and finally, how to maintain your gorgeous highlights at home.

Adding highlights to your hair is a great way to enhance your natural colour and add dimension. Foil highlights involve sectioning off strands of hair and applying a lightener to create a bold pop of colour. For a more subtle effect, balayage highlights are painted on by hand for a soft, sun-kissed look. Highlights are lower maintenance than an overall colour change, only requiring touch-ups every few months. The result is hair that looks fresh, youthful, and full of movement. Whether you opt for fine highlights or a bold pop of colour, it’s easy to change your look without a drastic commitment.

Why See a Professional Hair Colourist for Highlights?

While trying an at-home highlighting kit might be tempting, we strongly advise against it. Each hair type requires a different technique, and a professional colourist can tailor the colour application to complement your hairstyle. They also consider factors like your skin tone and eye colour to determine the most flattering colour palette for you. Moreover, highlighting involves lightening the hair, which can potentially cause damage. Professional colourists are trained to minimise this damage and can also offer strengthening treatments to maintain your hair’s health and integrity. One of our favourite in-salon treatments is the Redken pH-Bonder. This product protects the hair’s bonds and reduces breakage during colouring.

Talk to your Colourist

Effective communication is crucial when considering highlights. Start by booking a consultation with your colourist. Bring photos of hair colours you love (and those you don’t), and be clear about how often you’re willing to visit the salon for touch-ups. Remember, your hair reflects your personality, so make sure your colourist knows whether you want to make a subtle or bold statement.

How to Look After Your Highlights

Lightened hair can sometimes feel dry and brittle, so using the right products at home is essential. “Healthy hair holds colour better,” says Garcia. We recommend using the Redken Extreme Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, formulated with a unique protein complex to strengthen hair from root to tip. Regular treatments are also essential. Alternate between the Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Hair Treatment Spray and the All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment Mask. These products work together to keep your hair healthy and vibrant, ensuring your highlights remain fresh and vivid.

Blondes, especially those with cooler highlights, should consider using Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo. This specialist shampoo is violet-tinted and counteracts any yellowing, keeping your blonde highlights cool and ashy.

Caring for your Highlights

Caring for your hair after getting highlights is very important if you want to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your fresh colour. This strengthening shampoo contains a Triple Acid Protein complex that nourishes hair chemically processed by highlight treatments. The proteins help replenish essential amino acids that may have been stripped away while fortifying and mending damaged areas.

For the first few weeks after getting new highlights, use this shampoo weekly to ensure your hair gets the moisture and repair it needs. Increase usage to twice weekly as your highlights fade to boost shine and keep the colour looking its best. The acids help seal the cuticle and lock in colour, while the proteins prevent breakage and split ends. With its unique formula targeting post-highlight hair, this shampoo is necessary for freshly lightened locks. Use it regularly to maintain strong, healthy hair with lasting vibrancy.

Everything you need to know about highlights for your hair: highlights are a fantastic option whether you want to add a touch of glamour or enhance your natural beauty. Just remember to consult with a professional colourist and use the right products at home to keep your hair healthy and vibrant.



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