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How to Match Your Skin Tone to the Correct Hair Colour

Choosing the right hair colour for your complexion and skin tone is one of the best ways to accentuate your natural beauty.

The golden rule is very simple! In that cooler skin tones appear better in cool colours, and warm skin tones look best in warm colours. The aim is to select a shade that best draws attention to your inherent qualities.

So, determining your skin tone will help you choose the ideal colour for your hair – are you hot or cold then?

This is how you can find yours:

Recognising Your Skin Tone

Examine the skin beneath your eyes in a mirror while standing close to a window. Blue or purple skin denotes a cooler tone, whereas green or yellowish skin suggests a warmer skin tone.

Blush Test

The results of the blush test might also be instructive: peach blush emphasises warm tones, and pink blush highlights cool tones.

Do you Burn Easily in the Sun?

Another clue is how the sun affects your skin. Warm tones tend to tan, while cool tones frequently burn readily. Your veins’ hue might also provide information: green veins suggest a warm undertone, whilst blue veins suggest a chilly undertone.

The White Sheet Test

Put a white sheet over your shoulders and do the “White Sheet Test.” You are probably a cool tone if it highlights pink or blue undertones in your complexion. Warm tones will appear orange or yellowish.

Jewellery Test

Test your jewellery by putting on gold and silver chains. Gold usually accentuates warm tones, while silver usually fits cool tones.

Colours for Cool Tone Hair

Cool skin tones go well with cool hair colours. Seek out colours with the labels “ash,” “platinum,” or “champagne.” These colours are beautiful on light or translucent skin tones and can help reduce brassiness. Burgundy and true reds go nicely with cool undertones as well.

Warm Tones for Hair Colours

Warm hair colours go well with complexion tones that are warm. Look for hair colour labels that include adjectives like “bronze,” “golden,” or “copper.” These tones, which frequently appear reddish or golden, giving your hair a naturally warm quality.

Cool ash to warm golden hues are among the many hair colour options available to those with neutral tones, which combine characteristics of both warm and cool tones.

Recall that the colour of hair that gives you the most confidence and beauty is the ideal choice.

At Blackheath Hair & Co. our highly qualified hairstylists offer individualised guidance based on your distinct traits and preferred style.

Your hair can uniquely represent your personality with the appropriate colour selection and we are here to help you make that perfect choice.

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